A guide to Grand Brush's own products and painting services for designs you design.

Can I get my own custom design?

Yes, you can send us any picture and description of your idea so that we can create your own design in the DESIGN YOURSELF menu item.


What is the price of custom-designed shoes?

 You can request a quote by filling out the form in the PLAN YOURSELF section of the home page menu. The price and working hours are always determined by the detail of the sample.


How long does it take to make my custom products?

It always depends on the design you choose, its difficulty and the amount of orders placed by our team.After receiving the orders, we will review the plan and contact the customer to inform them about the costs (determined by the detail of the sample) and any possible ways to simplify the planning, if necessary.

Once we have agreed on the plan, we will start painting and it will take 12-18 business days to complete, depending on the detail of the sample.


Do you provide the shoes?

Yes, we provide products of our own brand, as well as other brands in the SHOES menu.


 Can I add my own shoes for painting?

No, you can only choose from the shoes we sell


If you make custom shoes, do you make a plan before painting?

After receiving your order, our artists will make a plan for your shoes. We will then contact you and share the plan we have created with you.



 How do I place a custom order?

For Grand Brush products, you can order our existing designs from the SHOES section on the website or create your unique design from the menuDESIGN YOURSELF menu.


 Where can I buy shoes?

You can order our products online from our webshop.


I have not received confirmation of my order regarding the product.

You will receive a confirmation email after placing your order (please check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox).

For any order errors, please contact us with your order number at grandbrushcustom@gmail.com or call us at CONTACT US menu item.



Are the paints waterproof?

Yes. We use high-quality, waterproof leather and fabric dyes. The elements are primed before painting, and the painting is treated with a fixative so that the colors remain for a long time.


Can the shoes be worn in the rain?

Yes, the colors are waterproof, so they are not affected by rain.


Do I have to use a protective spray on my shoes?

You don't have to, the paint is fixed and waterproof.


Can I wash them?

By hand, using cold water and neutral soap.We do not recommend putting it in the washing machine, as you can damage shoes and paintwork.



How much is the delivery cost?

Hungary: 5000 HUF


Do you ship abroad?



Will there be this import fee?

Our products from Hungarywe deliver.

It is the buyer's responsibility tocheck before orderingwhether import duties are due in your country and you must pay anyimport taxes and dutieson arrival, please check the shipping costs in your country before purchasing.


How long does the delivery take?

Once Sneaker is ready, the delivery time itself takes about 1-2 working days to Hungary, 3-5 business days to Europe.


Do I have this opportunity to track my package?

Orders are shipped with Foxpost, after they are posted, the buyer will receive an email with a confirmation number.


What is the return policy?

 As these are unique hand-painted products, unfortunately we are unable to accept the return of an order or refund the price. Personalized DESIGN YOURSELF products are also non-refundable.