Adel Fuzik
“Art and creativity have played an important role in my life since I was a child. I graduated in fine arts as a photographer and later as a graphic artist. In addition to these, I have been passionate about dance and stage since I was young. It is characterized by artistic versatility, in addition to which I am a fan of extreme style. As the production of custom hand-painted products is less common in Hungary, I thought why not cut into it. This is how I set up my small business built around shoes, clothes and other products. Today, I have a lot of satisfied customers behind me. With that confidence, I joined Grand Brush, Hungary s first custom shoe team."


Kiss Csaba

"I have been dealing with custom - made and painted sneakers for seven years. I am a dental technician in my primary profession, but I have always been fascinated by the world of shoes. My creativity can be fulfilled in this line. A shoe is not just an object for me. It reveals a lot about the wearer, I try to accomplish this and pass it on. I started my job as Dent Kicks Custom and I can proudly say that I soon had international success behind me. To this day, a larger percentage of my customers are American and European audiences. As a member of the Grand Brush team, I am happy to expand and deepen my experience and knowledge. ”


Dobi Zoé

"Five years ago, I accidentally dropped into the world of custom shoes. Although my love for the fine arts and what I could create has shaped my personality strongly since I was a child, I wasn’t primarily prepared for this career. The shoes and accessories, initially painted for my own use and expressing my style, quickly gained the liking of my environment and by the time I remembered I had received orders from various parts of the country. With hundreds of unique shoes and satisfied customers later, I’m excited to be able to offer these super accessories in the Grand Brush selection along with the cream of the domestic promoters of the custom shoe trend! ”


Zsolt Németh

"I got a ceramics profession, then I studied Pécs as a painter. Later I started making theatre decorations and fulfilling painting orders, I also trained as an environment artist and illustration soon entered my life.
I have always been interested in new solutions in the field of art. Soon I came across the unique hand-painted shoes and immediately became sympathetic to this world. I think Grand Brush is an opportunity for people to easily get closer to a new kind of art experience."


Mark Smith

"Originally from my profession as a decorative painter, art has always been close to me, and I have also been obsessed with shoes since childhood.
I first came across the world of custom shoes 6 years ago, which I immediately liked. Out of curiosity, I started learning about this culture, and after a while I started working on orders in our country and abroad. It is a great pleasure to be able to combine my two favorite things, art and shoes. In my case, the phrase "shoe contact before eye contact" is absolutely correct. I think GRand Brush can be a pioneer in the Hungarian custom shoe scene.
I am very happy to be a part of this and expand my knowledge."